"Thoughts from a Nightmare"

Were stuck wishing that things would change though they remain the same

Saying that we are different, think different, but really nothings change

We want to try something different, but scared because we feel we must explain

Our actions to a society who sees no different, who’s to dumb to listen, who says they see a change yet they’re to distracted to pay attention 

Not to mention the difference they feel is different, yet that different never remains

Cause in the end they just fall right back in line living with the same mindset

Though it’s a different time period I guess it hasn’t caught up with time yet

Saying they see no race, yet everything is still about color 

Calling you brother to your face yet there is still no love for one another

They say like who you want, do what you please, yeah that whole statement is a lie

Cause if you change the rules of the game you might as well lay down and die

The looks that they give you will only pierce through your mental 

It will travel down to your heart in hopes just to stop the tempo 

So I fall back from reality just hoping to get lost inside my dreams,

Just open your eyes to the world cause “ISpy” that nothing is as it seems. 


When you wake up and you’re feeling regret
When present has no future and you wonder what’s next
You look in the mirror wonder why and just get upset
Then I guess you’re wrong
When you call them your friend yet you constantly lie
When you have a man and call someone else your guy
When you know something’s good yet won’t give it a try
Then I guess you’re wrong
When you see what you thought was love is really just pain
When you wish you could go back and have everything change
When you finally realize that things can never be the same
Then you know that all along you were wrong

Cold World

They say that everything that glitters ain’t gold

That unspoken words is just a story untold

As love is lost the heart continues to grow cold

And that the more lies involved the truth begins to unfold

Some believe that beauty is both a gift and a curse

Love thy self hate thy neighbor Gods words in reverse

With God on the back burner the importance of money comes first

So as love as love turns to hate and so on to pride

We just continue digging a hole burying ourselves alive

We rather chase success in evil than chasing it through the church

They say we walk the path of many instead of taking the road with few

Started off life with peace and happiness now we’re seeing another view

Looking for the hole to fill looking for something true

So as the world turns cold and everything begins to be brand new

Who will be with there in the end truly looking out for you